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Simple Digestive to Give Your Agni a Boost

The transition to Autumn has just started and with it the start of Vata season. During this time, your agni tends to slow down so use this simple digestive to give your agni a boost when you feel it needs a some help.

Ayurveda builds from the premise that you can’t put anything on a low burning fire and expect to feel good on it. Therefore, this fire needs to be tend to in order to make sure your digestive system properly breaks down food. This ensures nutrients to successfully be absorbed into the bloodstream to nourish all bodily tissues. Struggling with constant digestive issues, learn here what you can do to improve and maintain your digestion.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick rekindling of your agni in front of a big meal, this 3 ingredient concoction is exactly what you need. It is representative of the three tastes characteristic to Pitta Dosha, all increasing fire. As a Pitta type, too much fire can be detrimental, therefore, if suffering from excess Pitta this might not be great for you. Balance is key.



  • 2 teasp. fresh, peeled ginger – finely grated 
  • few drops of lemon or lime juice 
  • pinch of rock salt 

Mix all ingredients and serve before the meal.


Ingredients for Agni Booster

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