How to keep cool for the summer 

How to keep cool for the summer 


How to keep cool for the summer

Everyone’s favourite season is back in full force and it’s bound to be a hot one. In recent years, heatwaves have almost become the norm so knowing how to keep cool this summer is paramount. Listen, I like a good ol’ summer day just as much as the next guy. However, rising temperatures these past couple of summers have left me feeling like a limp old rag at the end of the day. Keep on reading to learn how to keep cool for the summer.


Pitta season

Ayurveda is season-bound, meaning it promotes the effectiveness of living in tune with nature and its seasons. Summer is undoubtedly Pitta season: hot, sharp, fiery, and light. And because of this, Pitta is bound to get out of balance in summer. So what are the signs that Pitta dosha is in overload? When too much heat accumulates in the body you can experience skin rashes or red skin, inflammation, heartburn, irritability, and burning eye sensation.



               Like increases like


Keep cool for the summer

Keeping cool for the summer is all about bringing Pitta back in balance. The concept of “like increases like” is central to Ayurvedic philosophy, meaning that to fight imbalances in the body we need to turn to the opposite qualities of the Dosha in question. For Pitta, this means we need to counteract with foods and lifestyle choices that are cooling, heavy, grounding,  energizing, and stabilizing.

Pitta is also the dosha responsible for the digestive, metabolic, and endocrine systems in our bodies. It is the one in charge of the physical and mental digestion of input, the one that regulates body temperature, as well as the one that creates harmony in the mind and body. Imbalances of the Pitta dosha bring about irregularities in all these systems. Keep on reading to learn more about all the things you can do to keep Pitta dosha balanced and keep cool for the summer.


Summer cool meals


Let’s kick off the list of summer cool tips with foods. Following a Pitta-balancing diet is the starting point to having an enjoyable and cool summer.Try to avoid fried foods, spicy and salty foods as well as sour and fermented foods. Remember like increases like, so adding fire to Pitta’s already fiery character is only increasing the heat in your body. That makes sense, right?

Go instead for lots of salads, broccoli, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, and leafy greens. While you’re at it, try to minimize heating vegetables like nightshades (potato, eggplant, tomatoes, and paprika) corn, and radishes. Add cooling spices to your meals like cilantro, fennel, coriander, saffron, cardamom, or shredded coconut. Also, now is the time to favour sweet fruits over sour ones, so choose cherries, melons, grapes, or pomegranates and stay clear of grapefruit, apricots, and berries.

Ayurveda’s core belief is that everyone is unique, meaning every one of us has different circumstances and needs. The best way to know what really works and doesn’t work for you is by developing mindfulness around how food makes you feel. Try to be consciously aware of your eating habits and how you feel after eating certain foods.


Cool summer palette

Colors also play an important role in keeping Pitta balanced. From what you wear to what you surround yourself with, colours have the power to help you keep cool this summer. Add shades of blue, silver, green, pastels, and white to your summer wardrobe. Also, consider adding some of these colours to your home too. Avoid bright and warm colours; instead, accessorize your interior with plants and add a touch of silver metal accents to create a cooled-down effect.

Equally pacifying is a walk in nature, preferably along a cooling body of water. Pause for a moment to take in all the calming blue hues of the sky or the cooling green shades of the forest. Being in nature is what calms down Pitta’s overly active mind and restores the balance between mind and body.


Calm down your pace

Staying cool this summer is not only about keeping your body’s temperature down but also about cooling down your spirit. Making small adjustments to your lifestyle can help you stay frosty this summer and enjoy yourself without getting overwhelmed by the heat.

Meditation is a good way to start. A heated mind manifests itself in irritability, rush, anger, stress, and exhaustion. Therefore, it is important to make time to take it easy and calm down your mind. If daily meditation is not yet part of your daily routine, try incorporating a short meditation either in the morning or at night, before bed.

Breathing exercises are equally helpful in keeping cool this summer. Sheetali Pranayama (Cool Breath) is not only cooling for the body but also for the mind. Read here the steps of this cooling breathing exercise.




Cool down through the senses

Similar to how colours can have a great impact on your cooling down efforts, your other senses are here to help too. Use sweet and relaxing essential oils like lavender, chamomile, rose, or mint to keep centered. For those extra hot summer days, keep a rose mist handy to spray your face and body for an instant refresher. Also, you can soak your feet in water, either in nature or in a swimming pool.

This summer season, avoid synthetic materials and choose instead breathable and light fabrics like cotton and linen. This goes both for your wardrobe and your home where you can use these fabrics for your home accessories.

Use aloe vera to cool down inside-out. You can choose to apply it to your body or consume it, either way, it is a great help in the summer. My favourite go-to is this aloe vera popsicle that I keep in the freezer and use on my skin as a refresher. Besides its cooling properties, aloe vera also helps fight inflammation and leaves the skin looking plump and fresh. Needless to say, this aloe vera popsicle has really made a difference to the flushed summer skin I used to have.


So there you have it, all the way you can keep Pitta balanced for a fresh and cool summer. Be it by staying hydrated or by dressing in lightweight, breathable clothes, it’s important to be mindful of the interconnectedness of the mind, spirit, and body and act on all pillars of holistic well-being to stay fresh this summer.

And when all else fails, dive into the nearest body of water for a refreshing splash. With these tips in mind, you can beat the summer heat and enjoy the sunny season to the fullest.

Stay cool, my friends.


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