Discover Lassi – The Original Milkshake

Lassi the original milkshake summer cool drinks
Traditional to the northern part of the south of Asia, this cooling, nutritious and versatile drink is hailed as the 3000-year-old predecessor of the millennial milkshake and a crowd favorite in these parts of the world not only during summer but all throughout the year. This is Lassi –  dubbed the original milkshake, it is a drink prepared by blending together yogurt, water, and different fruit and spices.


It is essentially a digestive drink used for thousands of years to cool down the body during the hot summer days and also to stimulate agni, helping to break down heavily spiced foods. Lassi boasts many health benefits and is packed with nutrients and good bacteria that help improve gut health, build up muscle mass, and improve bone mineral density, among others. That aside, Lassi has an explosive taste for both salty and sweet tooths alike (Rosewater Lassi is my favorite, recipe below). 


Below are the 4 most significant benefits of Lassi:
  1. It helps reduce skin texture and pigmentation, keeps it hydrated and glowing, giving you radiant skin
  2. It boasts a good amount of vitamins, protein, and minerals like potassium and magnesium which, together with other enzymes, help convert food to energy
  3. Ensures high levels of hydration, up to 5 times more than regular sodas. 
  4. It contains lactobacillus bacteria which supports gut health


Try my favourite Lassi variant, the Rosewater Lassi

Lassi the original milkshake summer cool drinks


½ cup plain yoghurt

2 cups water

1 tbs. coconut blossom sugar

1 tsp. rosewater

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend for 1 minute




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