OSI Féminin Organic Ayurveda Belly Oil



Organic Ayurveda Belly Oil

  • Detoxifies
  • Eases upset stomach and bloating
  • Relaxes the abdomen
  • Treats skin inflammation

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OSI Féminin Organic Ayurveda Belly Oil

Made to provide healing and relief, this Ayurveda Belly Oil works to relax the abdomen and enhances digestion. This all-natural organic oil increases circulation and detoxifies when massaging the core. This Ayurvedic remedy has a calming effect on bloating and spasms, eases an upset stomach, and aids in bringing balance back to your digestive system.

Your skin will also benefit from the healing properties of the oil.  Known for treating eczema, tulsi is effective at reducing skin inflammation. Triphala protects skin cells, rebuilds skin protein, and reduces acne scars and dark marks thanks to the vitamin C in the herb.

This oil has a lightweight texture and dries quickly leaving no oily residue.


Castor Oil, Wild Sandalwood Essential Oil, Triphala, Tulsi, Punarnava, Manjistha, Musta, Wild Yam, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil

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